Hey world! I’m Sofia.

I am a creator. I fell for violin at 5 and switched to piano at 10; 3D printed and built an arm prosthesis in 2015, wrote my first poem in English that same year, prototyped vases and smartphone cases with coconut fiber the year after, built a freeze-dried fruit brand at 14 and did photography for the next 2 years until…

I started my biotech journey in the winter of 2019. I hacked bacteria using CRISPR in my room while I obsessively consumed the world’s knowledge on gene editing. I dedicated my 2020 summer to doing extensive literature research on CRISPR applications in longevity, synthetic blood and type 2 diabetes, mentored by a postdoc from the best biomed engineering lab at Tec de Monterrey.

I coded a thing to translate text and images into DNA in the spring of 2021 which got me an internship at GYOC, a startup that does just that in plants. That summer I raised $5k to lead an international iGEM team that designed more efficient biofertilizers and over the winter I designed an MVP app to prevent food waste and grew kidney cells in my bedroom.

In 2022 I won New Harvest’s Global CellAg prize and was nominated to the Earthshot Prize to engineer cotton 10x faster while using 90% less resources; I wrote articles for biotech organizations from Switzerland, Argentina, Forbes, and Johns Hopkins (peer-reviewed!); I got into UC Berkeley and started my biotech engineering degree at Tec de Monterrey in Mexico, where I built a centrifuge and ran a half marathon for the first time.

I volunteered at a metabolomics lab in Monterrey in the spring of 2023, spoke at SXSW and built genetic circuits into plants at the Brophy lab in Stanford over the summer thanks to an Emergent Ventures grant. The last half of the year I joined the 776 fellowship, gave a talk in Qatar, and got my end-of-teenage-years crisis from which I’m arising with a renewed senses of purpose:

Understand your fears with the curiosity of a scientist and hunt them with the courage of an artist. Don’t rely on others, do it yourself - 🧠

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