Jul 4, 2022 • 31M

Cai Linton - CEO & cofounder @ Multus Media

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Sofia Sanchez
Fun conversations with the founders, biohackers, CEOs and VCs you have not met yet.
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"You can work on incredibly interesting and difficult challenges, make money, and have a fulfilling career while improving people's lives and the planet's life. So what's stopping you from joining this movement?"--Cai Linton, CEO and cofounder of Multus Media, UK-based startup accelerated by IndieBio NY in 2020.

In this OBio episode:

  • Insights from Cai's previous work experience in academia research and at an IP law firm

  • How Multus Media uses Machine Learning to optimize the development of their growth media

  • Advice for aspiring biotech founders

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