Oct 19, 2021 • 31M

Dariia Dantseva - Biohacking @Yanelab

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Sofia Sanchez
Fun conversations with the founders, biohackers, CEOs and VCs you have not met yet.
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"Take responsibility and do biohacking"—Dariia Dantseva

Dariia is a biohacker and founder of the Yanelab—the first and only DIY bio lab in Ukraine. She has been part of the CDC biohacker group, a trio of biohackers who, among other things, created a DIY corona vaccine for themselves (and it worked!).

Her experience includes building a microinjection machine, genetically modifying bacteria in all sorts of ways, culturing human cells, and even creating a battle between bacteria and human immune cells ;))

In this episode:

  • Her story as a biohacker

  • A summer @TheOdin

  • The spiritual side of science