Elliot Hershberg - Genomics PhD @Stanford, research analyst @NotBoring

Elliot Hershberg - Genomics PhD @Stanford, research analyst @NotBoring

Worship growth in the biological sense--Elliot Hershberg is best known for his Substack publication "The Century of Biology" where he shares insights on interesting preprints in the genomics field and recently thoughts on biotech through the VC lens too.

He is currently studying a genomics PhD at Stanford university and is a research analyst at NotBoring, a media and venture capital firm that has invested in tech companies including Substack itself.

In this episode:

  • The biopunk vision

  • Thoughts on the funding-publishing academia problem

  • Elliot's research at Stanford

  • The story behind the Century of Biology and where it's going next

  • From academia to VC in the life sciences

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