Feb 24, 2022 • 50M

Jake Wintermute - Synbio evangelist @Ginkgo

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Sofia Sanchez
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"Stay humble, biodesigners"—Jake Wintermute

Jake is a synthetic biology teacher and researcher currently based at the CRI in Paris, France. Outside of studying antibiotics and the human microbiome, his interests range from wood as the perfect biomaterial, to making biotech more accessible.

As I’m interested in scicomms, Jake’s charismatic tweets and synbio jokes really caught my attention. Plus, I couldn’t help my curiosity about his recent role as a synbio evangelist at Ginkgo ;)

In this episode:

  • elegance in science

  • what the first-ever synbio evangelist does at Ginkgo Bioworks

  • bringing biotech to the mainstream

  • what makes a good scientist and a great biotech entrepreneur