Aug 19, 2021 • 42M

Race Against the Clock ft. Seth Peachey

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Sofia Sanchez
Fun conversations with the founders, biohackers, CEOs and VCs you have not met yet.
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"We wanted to move away from startup competitions and instead throw a massive welcome party to the bio-economy for everyone"--Seth

@sethpeachey is a former startup founder, bitcoin super-enthusiast, and has a lot of experience in business development, especially in SaaS used for employee engagement.

He is currently co-leading Race Against the Clock (RAC), an event organized by Synbiobeta and sponsored by Ginkgo Bioworks that aims to bring together future biotech founders who are (indeed) racing against the climate change clock.

In this episode:

· What Race Against the Clock is about

· The importance of networking in the biotech industry

· Cultivating mentorship relationships