Sep 26, 2021 • 32M

Rahul Rana - Author of Making moonshots

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Sofia Sanchez
Fun conversations with the founders, biohackers, CEOs and VCs you have not met yet.
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"So many things to be solved, so many things to be done, LET'S GO MAKE SOME MOONSHOTS"—Rahul Rana

Raul is a GenZ VC, author of "Making Moonshots". During 2020, he worked at Lux capital, a fund investing in highly disruptive science and technology ventures, namely, moonshots. His mission is to incubate as many moonshot startups as possible as an investor and builder.

Rahul is also interested in improving the academia system, bridging science fiction and science fact, as well as working in policies that will solve big problems in the world.

In this episode:

· Rahul's story pre and post Making Moonshots

· Playing the great online game

· Knowing enough about a subject without being an expert

· Rethinking the scientific journal industry