Aug 29, 2021 • 52M

Steven ten Holder - Longevity startup @YC

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Sofia Sanchez
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"We're standing in the shoulders of giants who are making it more likely that within our lifetimes we will be able to live longer"—Steven ten Holder 

@steventen is the co-founder of Acorn Biolabs, a company that stores your stem cells so you can have a brighter future. Before that, he studied a bioengineering undergraduate degree at Waterloo, where he also participated in iGEM, the synthetic biology competition.

He then joined YC, grew his startup, and now a director @theksociety, a world-class program for future innovators.

In this episode:

· The iGEM experience

· What has made Acorn a successful biotech startup

· The YC experience for a biotech startup